Given the breadth and depth of PII, PHI, and financial data acquired by, used, and housed by insurance organizations, brokerages, and agents alike, it’s no wonder the lavish attention paid by cyber-crooks to this sector.  Beyond detecting and thwarting fraudulent claims submitted by fraudsters as a result of online identity theft, it is also imperative that insurance organizations move to protect their varying constituencies who routinely access corporate claims processing systems.
In addition to its end-user customers, an insurance company’s corporate, regional, and field users run the risk of infection by either targeted or generic malware, while likely being exposed to MITM and RATs attacks more so than the average online user.
Insurance Fraud Detection & Protection
  • WebSafe and MobileSafe are able to detect if a user is accessing a system from a malware infected device by monitoring for various changes in the genuine web or mobile app such as web injection and malicious script injection. Additionally, advanced encryption at the application layer protect all information transferred from the user to the organization, thus rendering any data intercepted by an attacker worthless.